About us

This story began in the spring of 2008. We–three friends full of youthful all-or-nothing thinking and the desire to learn and change the world–set out to realise a plan that had been in preparation for a long time.

We found a place where we could freely engage in art and fulfil our ideas: a disused industrial facility. The favourable time and space helped us explore the world and art and encouraged us to create stories, to experiment with image.


That was a time of great discoveries, of great learning. It seemed as if all the world's oceans lay open before us and the whole universe helped us move towards our goal. The greatest joy was the work itself, the results achieved and the self-realisation of our young, searching souls. We were free and unsupervised. We could make mistakes and analyse them. This was a dose of freedom on our way to knowledge.

It was then that we realised that man does not live by air alone, but by his ideas as well. It seemed to us at that time that the dream that had been with us since our very childhood started to acquire a tangible and perceptible form.


In the beginning, it was all comical, teenage-style. Teamwork, abstract visions and a myriad of other aspects caused hundreds of conflicts and—through them—many good experiences and countless lessons learned. Everyday activity and mistakes made in the process were our best teachers. Those experiences were necessary since we wished to move forward. We craved to be useful to society through our works. The laws that we discovered and understood at that time are as eternal and constant as the sunrise every morning. We have always abided by them since then.


The values that we learned allow an artist to be free, focus on the goal and think and act wisely. We know that image is a powerful tool. We have seen how it transforms people's minds. By telling stories to people, we expand their knowledge and, at the same time, their consciousness. All this requires that you put some kind of wisdom into your work. The following became our mission: we create stories that make people in some sense richer.

By mixing together emotional image and sound, we get stories that resonate. Having got acquainted with the members of our team and with what they are capable of, we concentrated all our attention on creative processes. The team is made up of various departments: story writing, film, animation, sound, special effects and virtual reality.

When watching our works, people give us the most valuable thing they have: their time. In return, we make them richer by telling them visual stories. A story is a powerful tool that resonates and changes people. Ancient sages knew that; this is why every nation has a countless number of legends, myths and tales. Our vision is as follows: we tell stories that change the world.

We are surrounded by stories. And we can learn a lot from them. Drama is everywhere.

Now you know it too.